All proposed leases MUST have the following documents faxed to 214-432-8988 or scanned and e-mailed to for possible approval:


1.    Residential Lease Application (CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM WEBSITE)


2.    Proposed TAR Residential Lease (CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM WEBSITE)


3.    $50 application fee per individual(Texas), $50 application fee per individual(Illinois) over 18yrs. of age. All application fees must be mailed to PO Box 850458 Mesquite, Texas 75185 and will not be processed until money order or cashiers check is in our possession.


4.    Copy of Identification Card/Proof of Citizenship.


All above documents must be signed and executed. 





The houses available for lease are as follows:

2201 Valley Falls Ave

Mesquite Tx. 75181









Additional information about these homes and lease information can be found at


A security deposit totaling one month's rent and the first month rent is due upon execution of the rental contract.


If you have additional questions please call 214-432-5822 or 708-234-9800